Instagram Carousel Download

Download Multiple Swipeable Carousel Post from Instagram Online

What is Instagram Carousel Downloader?

Instagram carousel downloader allows you to download complete carousel posts in an easy way online without installing an app or software. If you are searching for how to download Instagram carousel posts then the carousel downloader is for you. This online tool is designed to help you download complete carousel posts.

Instagram carousel posts allow users to share multiple photos or videos in a single swipeable post. However, Instagram does not provide a built-in option to download these carousel posts directly. With the Instagram carousel downloader, you can download and save the entire carousel post to your device.

Instagram Carousel Download

Let's download carousel from Instagram for free using carousel downloader on your devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux on any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave or UC online.

Features of this Instagram Downloader:

  • Super fast, easy, and safe Instagram downloads in HD quality.
  • No need to log in to your Instagram account.
  • Download Instagram Reels videos without watermark with just one click.
  • Save videos, photos & profile pictures in their original resolution and quality.
  • Download story highlights from personal accounts anonymously.
  • High-speed performance: The fastest downloader available today.

How to Download Instagram Carousel with 10insta Downloader?

Follow the below steps to download Instagram carousel posts using the 10insta website in full HD (original resolution & quality):
Step 1:

Copy the Instagram carousel post link.

Using the Instagram app:

Select the scrollable post that you want to download.

Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of the carousel.

Select the option "See where to share and link" and then choose "Copy link" (works for both Android and iOS Instagram app users).

The link will be saved to your clipboard.

On PC/Mac:

Open the Instagram website in your browser.

Click and open the carousel post that you want to download.

Copy the URL from the address bar.

Step 2:

Paste the copied Instagram link into the text box area.

Step 3:

Click the "Download" button to start the downloading process.


The functionality of the Instagram Carousel downloader involves identifying the URLs of the separate images or videos contained within an Instagram carousel. To utilize this tool, users must copy the link of the desired carousel, insert it into the input field of the downloader, the tool will retrieve the URLs for each item present in the carousel, granting users the ability to download them individually or bulk.
Yes! Instagram carousel downloader is user-friendly and easy to use website. It gives simple interface where users can paste the carousel link and start the download process with just a few clicks.
Yes, Our website is mobile-friendly and compatible with smartphones, including both iPhone and Android devices. You can assess this tool on mobile's web browser and download multiple posts at a time.
With our downloading tool, you can save Instagram carousel without any limitations. Feel free to use carousel Instagram for unlimited download.
Yes, with the Instagram carousel downloader, you have the flexibility to choose which items within an Instagram carousel you want to download. After the tool retrieves the individual URLs for each item, you can select specific images or videos for downloading according to your preferences.
Our downloader aims to save the quality of the images or videos within an Instagram carousel. However, the quality may depend on the original resolution of the content and any compression applied by Instagram.
You know Instagram carousel downloader is a popular and reliable tool, alternative options for downloading Instagram carousels may exist. You can use our another tool for this like Instagram saver, Album downloader, Instasave & Toolzu.

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